Travellers trap residents in homes by barricading off road – locals ‘left to suffer’


According to locals, a group arrived on December 16 and erected a metal barrier across the only entrance to a housing estate in Worcester. The group, who were said to have come with 20 caravans, then parked their vehicles on grass verges, it is claimed.

This effectively blocked locals from entering or leaving their homes.

The travellers reportedly set up camp in the car park of the former Lotus Lightweight Structures factory.

The industrial site is located to the east of the city, bordered by the rail tracks that run into Shrub Hill station.

Residents claimed to the Mail that police officers had to wait for backup from riot police before the gate was eventually reopened on Christmas Eve.

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He said: “How do you think we local residents feel?

“The gates were locked another couple of times after the police opened them.

“The travellers have simply ignored the order. How can they be allowed to just do that?

“Law-abiding citizens are being left to put up with this and suffer.

“We know police have the power to move them on but they’re too scared.

“It is disgusting that this is allowed to continue.”

West Mercia Police were contacted for comment.

According to local paper Worcester News, the force said the travellers were moved on Monday (December 27).

They also reportedly distanced themselves from the claim that riot police were called in.


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