UK Covid pressure on as US cuts isolation time for asymptomatic patients to just 5 days


US health officials have cut the isolation time by half for asymptomatic patients. This new guidance follows the US recording more than 200,000 daily cases of Omicron over the past two days.

The Centers for Disease Control explained that the reason for the cut in the isolation period is because most transmissions happen in the two days before and three days after developing symptoms.

The US is hoping this new rule will ease disruptions caused by staff shortages.

The surge in cases has been caused by the Omicron variant as this is now the prevalent strain in the US.

Even though preliminary evidence suggests the new variant is milder, Omicron is spreading very fast.


The rising infection has put pressure on different industries across the country, including air travel.

This resulted in thousands of flights being cancelled during Christmas.

However, the change in isolation rules was “motivated by science”, according to the The Centers for Disease Control.

The centre’s director Dr Rochelle Walensky explained the new guidance “balances what we know about the spread of the virus and the protection provided by vaccination and booster doses”.

There’s no need to get a PCR test as the lateral flow tests are enough to cut your isolation short.

This change was made to “reduce the disruption to people’s everyday lives”.

Similarly to the US, the new guidance was introduced amid the Omicron variant surge.

The latest Government data has reported 159,932 Omicron cases recorded for yesterday.




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