UK drivers' anger over car ownership ban proposals – 'They haven't thought this through'


Transport Minister Trudy Harrison called for the country to move away from car ownership with shared mobility instead becoming the norm. She called for a system that is “fit for the future” and said the UK needed to depart from “20th century thinking centred around private vehicle ownership”.

Ms Harrison, MP for Copeland in Cumbria, stated that shared transport would be a better option, including bike share schemes, car clubs, e-scooters and digital demand responsive transportation.

Speaking at the Collaborative Mobility UK (CoMoUK) annual shared transport conference, she said it was “staggering” that nearly two-thirds of car trips are taken by lone drivers.

In response to the statements from the transport minister, drivers were outraged and called on these proposals to be abandoned.

In a poll of 3,276 readers, held from December 21 to 23, a staggering 91 percent of voters said private car ownership should not be banned in cities.

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“Car industry goes bust. Insurance companies going bust.

“Government loses revenue from fuel duty and road tax. Companies surrounding the motor industry going bust.

“The person who thought this one up must have a brain the size of a pea!!”

A third commenter, Omoni007, said: “It’s ok for London to scrap private ownership of cars.

“There are so many buses running all around London, it’s mind boggling.

“Where I live, you can drive around for days without seeing a single bus.”

This has been a common theme throughout the discussion of a car ownership ban, with many looking at the effect it would have on those living in rural areas, where public transport routes are not sufficient.

One user, with the nickname not1tomoan, said: “My wife and I are both disabled and live in a rural area.

“We do not have high income and there are almost no forms of rural public transportation.

“How on earth am I supposed to take my wife the 80-mile round trip to the hospital each week?”

Another criticised the idea of shared transport, saying: “Strange timing when there’s a virus.

“We are advised to keep apart and she says share the vehicles. Never going to happen.”

A further reader, 0101, compared a potential car sharing scheme to communism.

They continued: “I’m not having any virus infected individuals setting foot in my car, never mind parking their infected backsides in my passenger seat.

“The best way not to get covid is NOT to have anyone sitting inside your car.”


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