UK fog warning: ‘Dense’ fog could cancel flights as visibility ‘less than 100 metres’


The warning, which has been in place from 10pm Tuesday across the East and West Midlands, London, East Wales, the South East and East of England, is expected to be lifted at about 12pm on Wednesday. A statement issued by the Met Office warned people about travel disruption over the coming hours as visibility could drop “lower than 100 metres at times”.

The alert said: “Fog patches are expected to form during Tuesday night, becoming dense and freezing in places by dawn on Wednesday, particularly in river valleys with visibility less than 100 metres at times.

“Fog will thin slowly later Wednesday morning, although a few patches may persist into the afternoon over the south-west Midlands.”

Weather experts believe that the coming week will witness an “unusually strong anticyclone” which is likely to drive the weather conditions across the UK.

Jim Andrews, a meteorologist with told “The main driver for UK weather this week will be an unusually strong anticyclone.

“This high-pressure system will anchor over Ireland, the southern UK, and the adjacent Continent Wednesday until about Friday.

“As such highs often do, it will bring light to at time calm winds. Temperature inversions under such highs often trap low cloud and such will be true in some areas on some days through the week.

“Where skies tend to remain clear, it affords a good environment for radiation fog, especially during long autumn and early winter nights.”

Radiation fog is the most common in winter and usually occurs when the sky is clear and conditions are calm.

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