UK long-range forecast: Brits to be showered by snow next month as wintry conditions surge


Weather forecast website WXCharts has predicted parts of the UK have a 60 percent chance of seeing snowfall in early February. The news comes as the UK will wake up to a brutal chill this morning.

Mercury was expected to drop to as low as -6C in North Yorkshire, according to The Sun.

However, the Sun also claimed Oxfordshire would face the freeze as the coldest part of the country.

According to WXCharts, the first time Brits will see a more than 50 percent chance of snow will come on January 31 when much of Scotland looks set to be affected.

Other parts of the UK are not initially expected to witness similarly adverse conditions.

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However, the north of England could experience snow as the UK enters February.

Parts of the region will see 30 and 40 percent probability of snowfall on the morning of February 1.

WXCharts’ snow depth maps also suggest Scotland and the north of England will witness wintry conditions in February.

The map suggests snowfall could hit areas from Stockton-on-Tees to Snowdonia.

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“Spells of strong winds are likely to develop more widely at times. Temperatures likely to be near or slightly above average although short-lived colder interludes are possible.

“Any snow likely to be restricted to high ground in the north.”


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