UK new car sales fall to one of the worst levels in 30 years – down by 20 percent


“It’s a psychologically important tipping point, and one we are accelerating towards so quickly because prolonged supply chain challenges are strangling production across the industry, causing manufacturers to prioritise the supply of EVs in the face of healthy demand.

“Supply is constrained on both sides of the market, but we’ve yet to see recently emerging fears around battery supply do much to curtail the production of EVs, and certainly not to the same extent as across the rest of the industry.

“We’re very much in a sellers’ market, which points to further price rises, and longer waiting lists which means consumers and commercial fleet operators need to plan well ahead and consider extending existing leasing contracts to cover the delay in new vehicle deliveries.”

Chris Knight, automotive partner at KPMG UK, also warned that the cost of living crisis could pose a fresh threat to the UK’s weak car industry.


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