UK snow: Bitter -7C cold snap to bring snow showers as Brits brace freezing conditions


Forecasters told that sub-zero temperatures over the weekend could drop as low as -7C and motorists have been warned about the possibility of travel chaos.

Alyssa Smithmyer, a forecaster at Accuweather told “The best chances for any snow showers to occur can perhaps be for a brief period on Monday across the higher elevations of northwest Scotland as a front passes over the region, and also on Thursday.

“On Monday, any winter precipitation will be isolated and very light in nature.

“On Thursday, another front will pass over the UK and likely bring a period of light snow showers in the usual colder areas in northern Scotland, with a chance at a few flakes to fall across the higher parts of northern Wales and north-central England.”

According to Ms Smithmyer, temperatures will drop to a bone chilling -6C for Nevis Range, Scotland on Monday night.

Ben Wyvis and Cuillin Hill in northern Scotland will also face freezing daytime temperatures on Monday that reach a maximum of -2C.

Northern Ireland could also face snowy conditions on Monday as winds could reach up to 40mph in coastal areas.

There is also a small risk of road frost in some areas which could produce slippery conditions. 

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“However, there is a small risk for road frost in some areas to create isolated slippery conditions, as well as wet roadways during the daytime becoming slick overnight as temperatures drop.

“Although, these issues are not expected to be widespread.”


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