UK snow forecast: Britain braced for MORE snow on Boxing Day as -2C freeze grips


The Met Office has issued yellow weather warnings for parts of Scotland and northern England as forecasts hold the temperatures will plummet and snow could strike. Meanwhile, maps and charts see the UK split between colder northern pressure and warmer southern air, with Scotland and northern England at most risk of the snow and freezing temperatures.

According to WXCharts, temperatures are then expected to plunge as low as -2C in parts of the north and east of England between Christmas Day and December 28.

Frank Saunders, chief meteorologist at the Met Office, has warned of a plummet in temperatures after Christmas.

He said: “A cold air mass across the north of the UK will mean temperatures could fall as low as -2C in areas of north and east England.

“As a weather front moves up from the southwest we could see snow falling on its leading edge as it meets this cold air, bringing snow and ice risks particularly to higher ground in the north of England.

“This will be coupled with some gusty winds which means it will feel even colder for many.”

In their forecast, the Met Office said: “As an area of rain moves northwards, it looks like turning to snow over the higher parts of Northern England, and then southern and central Scotland.

“Coupled with strong winds, gusting to 35 to 45 mph in places, this is likely to lead to some difficult travel conditions across higher Pennine and Cumbrian routes, as well as the Southern Uplands, during the early hours of Sunday.

“Temporary blizzard-like conditions may be encountered above around 300 or 400 metres elevation.

“These conditions will probably move into some hillier central parts of Scotland during Sunday morning, while snow turns back to rain further south.

“The extent of snowfall is uncertain at this stage.”

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Sarah Thornton, Director of Weathertrending, told The Sun the UK will find itself in a “battleground” between freezing air coming from the Arctic and Scandinavia, and much milder air trying to head in from the Atlantic.

She said: “Most models now suggest that the cold air will be winning and spreading lower temperatures southwards as we head through Christmas Day.

“However another assault of mild air will arrive from the southwest through the day, bringing rain.

“At the boundary between the two, there’s an increasing chance of snow.”


It comes after Tony Zartman, Accuweather meteorologist, told there is a chance France’s storm could feature in Britain.

He said: “A storm will pass by to the south across France on Boxing Day.

“This may bring some rain as far north as the southern coast of England.

“But, much of the remainder of England and Wales are expected to be dry at this point.” holds that by Boxing Day morning, snow will “be over northern England and Southern Scotland, slowly carrying on its journey through the remainder of the day”.

They added: “Further south, showery rain is likely to push in from the west during the first part of the day, clearing later.

“The north-south split will continue temperature wise, with the milder air making it a touch further north and east to more of southern and central England.“


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