UK snow forecast: Long range weather charts show biting -4C freeze and snow to grip nation


According to the latest WX Charts, the last few days of 2021 will remain mild with temperatures above zero up and down the country. However, during the first days of 2022, the weather is predicted to turn bitterly cold, with snow forecast to hit the entire country.

By midnight on January 12, Inverness and Aberdeen are expected to see Baltic weather conditions of -6C to -5C.

The north of England – including Newcastle and Manchester – could see temperatures fall to as low as -4C.

The rest of the country – including Birmingham, Cardiff and London – will also see temperatures plummet to below zero.

According to forecasters, temperatures will be around -2C and -3C in the south of England on the 12th.

The freezing temperatures are also expected to bring snow to the country.

The Scottish Highlands will see the most of the snow, with around 10inches forecasted.

Edinburgh and Newcastle could see up to two inches fall by midnight on January 12.

Manchester, Cardiff, Birmingham and even London should see patches of snow as 2022 kicks off.

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According to the latest charts, the Scottish Highlands will experience the full brunt of the cold weather with temperatures dropping to -5C.

Edinburgh, Newcastle, Manchester and the Midlands are expected to see temperatures between -1C and 0C.

Although above zero, London and the south east will see temperatures of around 1C.

The Met Office’s long-range forecast for January 10 to 24 states: “There is the potential for a short, settled spell in the beginning of the period, before more changeable, milder condition return later in the month.

“Feeling colder with a risk of short-lived fog during any settled spells.

“Still the chance for some widely milder conditions too, bringing the risk of heavy rain and strong winds at times.”

The cold weather in early January comes after bookies suggest New Year’s Eve will be the hottest on record.

Alex Apati of Ladbrokes said: “While snow was on the cards last week, it’s all change on the weather front, and it now looks like this month could play host to a record-breaking hot New Year’s Eve.”

Coral’s John Hill added: “Temperatures are expected to climb into the mid teens over the next few days and that opens up the door for a potential record hot New Year’s Eve.

“We have slashed the odds in half on New Year’s Eve being a record breaker.

“It has also prompted support for January to be much hotter than usual in 2022.”


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