UK snow forecast: WALL OF SNOW to smash Britain – new charts show imminent onslaught


Weather forecaster WXCharts has predicted a 95 percent chance of falling snow in parts of the UK, including Aberdeen and Newcastle. Minimum temperatures are expected to sit between 0C and -2C on Thursday and Friday.

Senior meteorologist at British Weather Services Jim Dale warned that “winter is not over”, as the “coldest parts of the year” are yet to come.

Speaking to, he said: “As we get towards the end of the month – the coldest on average parts of the year – what we’re seeing is the high pressure pulling away south and west, allowing a north-easterly air stream to come in.

“That may well start to bring some snow events towards the latter stages of the month”

He added: “So how far that actually comes in, and whether or not we get a proper plunge, depends on a little battle going on – does it end up in Denmark, Germany or does the thrust come across and affect the eastern parts of the UK and down to the London area.

“But I’d say at the moment that winter is not over, make that absolutely clear.

“We’re only halfway through and the coldest part of the year is normally reserved for the end of January and February.

“So there’s plenty to play for. “

Later tonight, the Met Office has forecast “widespread frost for much of England”.

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It added: “It’s mostly fine but cold on Thursday, after a frost in places at first.

“Most parts see a good deal of winter sunshine, but northern Scotland, West Wales at first and the East coast south of the Humber, particularly, continue to see showers.

“Some will be wintry giving hill snow, but they’ll tend to fade through the day, especially in the West, as pressure rises strongly.

“At first, a very raw northwest wind, blustery in the east, will slowly decrease, but temperatures across the country get no higher than about 4 to 8C.”

But looking ahead to the end of January the Met Office has predicted that temperatures are likely to be “slightly above average”.

Their long-range forecast for 24 January to 2 February says: “Through the rest of the period rain or showers at times for the north, with stronger winds mainly restricted to the far north, although possibly bringing unsettled conditions further south at times.

“Temperatures are likely to be around or slightly above average.

“Conditions are likely to remain similar into the start of February, with drier than average conditions for most.”


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