UK weather: Britain to bathe in ‘subtropical air’ before plunging to -4C ‘snowy outbreaks’


Temperatures are set to be mild this week, with some areas reaching a balmy 16C, which is warmer than April, when the temperature hovers at an average of 14C. AccuWeather meteorologist Jim Andrews has warned these mild temperatures may reach “historical daily extremes” for this time of year.

He told “Driven by an anticyclone anchored over northwestern Africa, a feed of unusually warm, even subtropical air, will bathe most of the UK.

“Thursday until Saturday Greater London and a few other areas will see 15-16C each day.

“Nighttime lows, 12-13C for some, will be at least as unusual for the time of New Year.

“Both highs and lows will be near historical daily extremes for the respective dates.”

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However, following the unusually warm weather, which is expected to see Britons into the new year, will be an icy Arctic freeze.

Mr Andrews continued: “A downward trend in temperature will begin from the northwest at the weekend, reaching most of England on Sunday, as the anticyclone yields to a series of Atlantic depressions.

“Temperature will slip a bit below normal as early as Tuesday in Scotland, reaching most of the U.K. from Wednesday.

“The chill can lead to wintry or snowy outbreaks, mainly across the north and over higher ground.”


Next Tuesday temperatures could dip as low as -4C in the Highlands of Scotland.

Similarly, WX Charts has predicted 3cm of snow an hour as far south as Leeds on the same day.

Kent and East Anglia could also expect some flakes by midday.

Met Office forecaster Sarah Kent told the Sun: “The weather has been pretty topsy-turvy.

“We’ve had a white Christmas – and now we’re going to see it get warmer. 

“It’s going to be exceptionally mild in the coming days and could be as high as 15C on New Year’s Eve.

“If that’s the case, then another record will fall.”



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