UK weather forecast: 100mph jet stream to thrust torrential rain, gales and snow into UK


A brief milder interlude will bring some respite from the cold tomorrow before sub-zero winds and wintry downpours roar back later next week. As temperatures nudge upwards through the coming days, a raging 100mph jet stream will steer bouts of torrential rain and strong winds into the UK.

Jim Dale, meteorologist for British Weather Services, said: “It will turn briefly milder after the weekend, although with this will come unsettled conditions.

“Then, from around the middle of next week, we go back to minus figures, frosts and the risk of snow.

“Another cold front moves southwards on Wednesday and this will reintroduce the cold air again.

“This is going to be another cold plunge as the polar front descends southwards controlled by the jet stream which is particularly active.”

A chilly weekend will give way to slightly milder conditions before the cold bites back on Wednesday, he said.

Thermometers will nudge upwards on Monday and Tuesday before crashing again ahead of the weekend, he added.

He said: “We will lose the very cold influence on Sunday and Monday, and Tuesday will feel milder compared to the end of last week.

“However, when this cold front arrives on Wednesday and Thursday, we are going back into the very cold weather again.”

Torrential rain and gales after the weekend will add to the misery before the gates to the North Pole fling back open.

A huge region of high pressure to the west of the UK currently driving cold but largely settled conditions will weaken next week.

It will allow the jet stream to fire up over the UK pulling in heavy downpours and powerful winds from the Atlantic.

North-western regions are braced for gales while the rest of the country is on alert for ‘plentiful rainfall’.

Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern said: “The most likely pattern for the middle of next week is for the influence of this high pressure to wane and allow the jet stream also to become flatter and to start to bring more unsettled and more changeable conditions.

“By later next week the jet stream becomes flatter still and more active areas of low pressure become closer to the northwest of the UK.

“There will be some strong winds especially in the north west and spells of rain bringing plentiful rainfall across the country through next week.”

Britons hoping for a speedy return to the balmy summer-like weather of last week will be out of luck.

April threatens to kick off to cold, wet and snowy outbursts with no immediate sign of the sun’s return.

Exacta Weather forecaster James Madden said: “April will continue with the cool theme and there will be more in the way of showers.

“Some of these, especially over the hills of the north will be wintry.”

Weathertrending’s John Hammond added: “The direct feed of air from the North Pole will become cut off from us early in the week.

“The jet stream will plough a more southerly track than is typical for this time of year, and this will direct rain-bearing weather systems and milder air in from the west.

“This will be followed, especially after midweek, by chillier plunges from the north again, together with an ongoing risk of frost.”

Northern Britain, once again, will be in the firing line for snow which could be ‘impactful’ in places, he warned.

He added: “Further snow is possible across northern hills and perhaps, briefly, more widely. Indeed, with another cold push from the Arctic, some computer output suggests we may end the week in the company of some impactful wintry weather once more.”


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