UK weather forecast: 21C Azores blast to bring more scorching Bank Holiday Easter weater


Weather forecaster Phil Morrish told that the weather across the weekend so far has been “extremely warm for the time of year”, noting that it is the third Easter in a row in which the UK has seen warm temperatures. He said that temperatures are likely to reach 21C in the centre of London later today, and 19C in most of England and Wales. Mr Morrish added that the “warm and sunny” weather will spread “right across the British Isles”.

Yesterday, the UK was hit by the hottest day of the year so far, as temperatures reached highs of 23C in London.

Tomorrow, he said temperatures will be slightly cooler, reaching up to 19C in London, 18C in the midlands and 16C in the north.

Weather forecaster, WXCharts has forecast slightly lower temperatures, reaching up to 18C in the south, 16C in the north and 15C in Scotland today.

Tomorrow, WXCharts has predicted highs of 15C in the south, 16C in the north and 15C in Scotland.

Mr Morrish said that the weather will become more changeable by Sunday evening, with some rain in southwest England and Wales across Sunday night.

WXCharts has predicted very little rain on Saturday, with up to 4mm per hour falling in northern England and parts of Scotland on Sunday night.

Spaking to, Mr Morrish said: “Saturday will be another warm and sunny day right across the British Isles.

“Yesterday we had temperatures of up to 23C in London, which is extremely warm for the time of year.

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Mr Morrish said that the warmer weather stems from “air coming up from the Azores with the high pressure from the South”.

Looking ahead to Easter Sunday, the forecaster said: “You’ll notice the wind is going to get a bit higher tomorrow with winds up to 15mph.

“Temperatures once again though going up to 18 or 19C as a maximum in most places tomorrow for London and the south-east.

“17C and 18C in the midlands and 15C or 16C in the north.


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