UK weather: Ibiza-like 17C on NYE in South England could push more Brits to nightclubs


The Met Office has qualified the forecasted weather for the last days of 2021 as “exceptionally mild” given parts of the country could reach 17C, matching the forecasted temperature on the Spanish island of Ibiza. For Wednesday, temperatures remain quite cold in the North, with a risk of frost and fog in Scotland with only 2C in Aberdeen.

At the same time, Plymouth in South England is seven times warmer, with 14C.

As explained by John Gresiak, a senior forecaster at, the day is set to be wet.

He told “Rain is expected tomorrow [Wednesday] across most of the UK.

“Most of it will not be exceptionally heavy, and there are currently no warnings from the Met Office.

“Around London, for example, rainfall of one 2 to 5 mm is expected.

“Farther to the North and West, there will be somewhat more rain, but even there, we expect no more than around 8 mm.”

Mr Gresiak said the rainfall should not cause any significant issues, even though the senior meteorologist cannot rule out a few travel delays.

As the country prepares to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the following days, forecasters expect the mild temperature to reach records in South England, with 17C expected at times, according to BBC Weather.

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He said: “On New Year’s Eve, a few spells of rain are expected during the day, but the evening and overnight hours are expected to be largely dry.

“However, fog may be an issue in some areas.

“A milder weather pattern is evolving, and temperature in many areas will be in the upper 8C to 15C on Friday and Friday night.”

“The mild weather is expected to hold through Saturday before some cooling on Sunday.”


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