UK weather: London to witness coldest April in 70 years as -3C cold snap brings ice


The lowest ever April temperature recorded for Heathrow Airport, one of the capital’s main weather stations, is -3.1C (26.4F) in records going back 73 years to 1949. The all-time low recorded was -12.8C (9F) set in January 1962.

The mercury is expected to fall to around -3C (27F) at Heathrow tonight with a similar low also expected Saturday night.

Daytime temperatures are only expected to get to 9C (48F) Saturday and 11C (52F) on Sunday.

The Met Office warned of potential travel disruption from ice on Saturday due to snow and hail showers in the north-east and east of England, stretching from the border with Scotland down to the east Midlands.

Met Office meteorologist Dan Stroud said overnight temperatures will plummet to 7C below the average for the time of year in London, as Arctic air crosses the UK.

He said: “Last night we got down to -8C in Scotland, and we’re probably looking at temperatures in the same neck of the woods, in the Highlands, of around -6C or -7C – but we’re talking rural locations.

“For most people it’s going to be around -1C. In London we’re expecting -2C.

“The overnight temperature for London in April should be around 5C, so it’s certainly colder than what it should be for this time of year.”

Describing the weekend weather, Mr Stroud added: “It’s generally dry and cold, if not slightly less cold than we have had for the next few days.

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