UK weather maps: Britain set for sunny 14C before wet and windy weekend


Forecasters say the weather is set to stay wet and windy in much of the country, however where the sun does shine temperatures are expected to be above 13C. Maps hold this is due to pressure systems clashing, leading areas where settled conditions leaving England and Wales dry over Thursday.

From midnight on Thursday, according to WXCharts, what rain is effecting the UK will be restricted mainly to the north of England and Scotland, with light downpours of 1mm an hour expected.

By 9am, much of the UK will be dry, with rains only expected in Fort William.

Meanwhile, England and Wales enjoy a more seasonable start to the day, with the highest temperatures of 12C seen in the south east.

London then warms up to 14C by midday, with expected conditions being clear skies and low wind for much of the south east.

A split in weather conditions then emerges in the evening, where the west of Britain soaks in 1mm of rain at midnight while the east stays dry.

Met Office spokesman Richard Miles told The Sun Online: “The West will be wet and windy which will gradually spread across the country overnight, and then it will be cooler in the west and wetter in the east.

“That’s the picture for the next few days. It will be wet and windy over the weekend too.

“But when the sun comes out in central and eastern areas, we will se temperatures creeping up to quite pleasant numbers.

“Anywhere could see double figures while temperatures could go to 14-15C in central and midlands areas.

“The central parts are the most likely areas in the country where temperatures will climb.

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“But rain will also move from the west to the east. It will gradually stall over the UK but will continue with longer spells.

“This will be for all of today and tomorrow depending on where you are.

“There will be cooler spells later on tomorrow in Scotland and it will be damp in central England and Wales.

“Earlier in the day we will be seeing cooler spells in Wales and to the west and there will be rain in Scotland.”


Ian Simpson, Forecaster, also wrote for the agency’s website: “It will be a generally cloudy day for most of the country.

“There will be some outbreaks of light rain or drizzle at times, mainly for western Scotland during the morning, and then some more rain will spread into Wales and west England during the afternoon.

“Most eastern parts of the UK, as well as Northern Ireland, will have a dry day. East Anglia and the southeast are expected to have a fair amount of sunshine, which may raise temperatures to 16 to 18C during the early afternoon.

“It will also become sunny over much of Scotland during the afternoon. It won’t be as warm away from East Anglia and the southeast, but highs of between 10 and 13C will be widespread, which is still above average for the time of year.”

However, Friday sees a return to unsettled conditions, as by 9am Atlantic pressure systems bring up to 3mm of rain an hour.

According to WXCharts, over Friday 13mm of rain falls in Cornwall, while 12mm falls in Liverpool.

London is still expected to avoid the worst of the weather due to lower pressure, with only 1mm forecast in the south.

The Met Office said: “Rather unsettled with outbreaks of rain at times for most, heaviest and most prolonged in western areas.

“Strong winds at times, especially along western coastal areas over the weekend.”


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