UK weather: Mercury set to plummet to -5C in areas making way for 'difficult conditions'


Cold air from the continent will be followed with milder air from the Atlantic later in the week, bringing with it the possibility of more rain. This “battleground” between the two forces are a sign of the weather moving on from winter and into spring, according to a meteorologist.

Jim Dale from the British Weather Services said: “Continental air will bring a colder start to the week before we see more of an influence from the Atlantic ahead of the weekend.

“This will bring more in the way of rain.

“We are in between winter and spring at the moment with the changes in weather associated with the tradition.

“Britain is still the battleground between this colder Continental influence and the milder Atlantic conditions.”

This week may see the return of a Beast from the East, as snow and freezing temperatures are predicted to cover the entire country.

The south of England will be hit first, before a carpeting of four inches for some areas on Friday.

The worst will fall at the end of this week, with the worst affected areas being Scotland, northern England, western Wales and Northern Ireland.

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“A marked drop in temperature with rain turning to snow above 400-500m is anticipated making for difficult conditions in places.”

The weather agency has also predicted some outbreaks of heavy rain and strong winds going into the weekend.

A yellow weather warning for wind on Wednesday is in place for the west of Scotland.

As we move towards the end of the month temperatures will start to creep up, although conditions will still be unsettled.


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