UK weather snapshot: Britain to warm up before weekend polar plunge – mapped


This week, the UK has been battered by extremely unsettled weather, which the Met Office predicts could last until the end of January. However, an overall milder January is on the cards from now on with the temperature rising above 10C in some areas next week.


According to Netweather, most of the UK will be overcast on Monday with outbreaks of light rain moving slowly eastward.

Heavier rain will fall across western Scotland and move south as far as the midlands in the evening and overnight.

The weather will be warmer than this week, with highs of 10 to 11C in Northern Ireland, southwest England and western and southern Wales.. Scotland and the east of England will experience slightly colder temperatures of 6 to 8C.

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Saturday will start off bright across much of the UK, but cloud cover will become denser as Saturday goes on.

While rain and snow aren’t expected across Saturday and Sunday, aside from in northwestern Scotland, temperatures will be bitter, dropping into the minus figures in some northern parts of Britain during daylight hours.

The weekend will get progressively colder, with freezing temperatures forecast in the north of England and almost all of mainland Scotland.

January 16 onwards

The Met Office long-range forecast reads: “A continuation of largely settled conditions is most likely as we head into the middle of January with high pressure in charge across the south of the country.

“Most areas will be dry with any spells of rain and stronger winds likely to be restricted to northern parts of the country.

“The settled weather will bring widespread overnight frost as well as fog patches, these sometimes freezing.

“Amounts of sunshine are uncertain with areas of fog and low cloud potentially lingering all day in places, especially in the south.

“How long the predominantly settled conditions persist is uncertain with an increasing chance of some unsettled spells returning to many parts as we head towards the end of the period.”


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