Ukraine's ambassador to UK warns 'divided' West being exploited by Putin


Russia has amassed an estimated 100,000 troops on Ukraine’s border sparking invasion fears, which Moscow has denied. Vadym Prystaiko, Ukraine’s ambassador to Britain, warned the West is “divided” and said Mr Putin will take advantage of this.

Mr Prystaiko told “The West is divided and each and every division is explored and abused by Putin.

“It is a bit easier for him, he represents one nation with an extremely hierarchical system of governing.

“But he’s opposing the West with their different interests, different groups, different views.”

Germany has come under fire for refusing to send weapons to Ukraine unlike some Nato allies, while US President Joe Biden faced criticism after suggesting a “minor incursion” may prompt less of a response.

Boris Johnson on Tuesday insisted a united front from the West is paramount as he urged the EU to follow the UK by finalising a tough package of economic sanctions ready to go if Russia invades Ukraine.

Mr Prystaiko insisted he believes de-escalation is still possible amid fears of an imminent invasion, which Russia has denied.

He said: “I still believe that what he is now doing is just threatening us to the point when we break.”

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“And we have to understand that at this particular day that’s the only thing which Putin will respect and understand.

“We’ve tried for so many years to negotiate and he eventually as the last resort he gave us power so we have to play the same game.

“Would the Ukrainians want to have some other troops on our soil? Yes.

“I understand it’s very sensitive. I understand British mums do not want to send their daughters and sons but Ukrainian mums also do not want to send their sons and daughters for the fight. “


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