Urgent hunt for 'dangerous dog' prowling Dartmoor – police warn 'highly likely to attack


The German shepherd mixed breed was last seen on Saturday evening around 6.45pm where it broke free from its lead. Around an hour later police received a call an hour later and were searching the area of Rough Tor, near St Breward.

Cornwall Police have urged people to not approach the dog if they see it and it is “highly likely to attack”.

A spokesman for Devon and Cornwall Police said: “Officers have been deployed to patrol the area by car in efforts to locate the dog.

“The dog is known to be aggressive towards people and livestock and is highly likely to attack if approached.

“Police are asking the public not to approach the dog, but to notify police immediately by calling 999.”

Back in December, a big cat sighting was reported in Devon after a shocked man claims he was only a few feet away from the fearsome creature who was “watching” him.

A man recalled the terrifying incident where he came face to face with a caracal on Dartmoor.

Carl Foss, 36, recalled the moment he saw a sand-coloured big cat with black stripes and black-tipped ears during his trip exploring Dartmoor.

The 36-year-old man, from Salisbury, was exploring Dartmoor when he encountered the feline.

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Dog escaped on Dartmoor

“As I reached the other side I saw a creature watching me.”

The encounter only lasted a few moments after the creature stared at the man and quickly scampered off.

He said: “The cat was about three feet away from me.

“I could not see all of it as it was stood on the brow of the hill. It was a sandy colour and had black stripes going down and around from it’s eyes to it’s nose.

“The ears had black tips.

“It stopped and watch me for a moment and ran away. It was more scared of me.”

He continued: “I was buzzing at what I saw.

“I carried on walking in the direction of the cat but then soon after I had to tell myself to stop because there was a big cat out there with me.

“I can not explain it, I just really had to tell myself to stop.”

The caracal is a wild cat native to Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia, making the sighting that much more shocking.

The medium sized cat is recognisable for its long, pointed ears which feature tufts of hair on the ends as well as the stripes on their faces.


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