Wakeford left red-faced in first Labour appearance as he calls leader 'Keir Llama'


MP Christian Wakeford spoke at his first public appearance as a Labour MP since defecting from the Conservative Party earlier this week. Amidst backlash from some of his constituents from Bury South and also other MPs, Mr Wakeford explained his reasons for leaving and joining Labour. Mr Wakeford could be seen to be nervous as he bumbled through his speech and tripped over a few of his words. The most noticeable word trip was when he tripped on the Leader of the Labour Parties name, calling him Llama instead of Starmer.

Mr Wakeford said: “Yesterday I said that Britain needs a Government focused on tackling the cost of the living crisis.

“And providing a path out of the global pandemic, that path needs to protect living wage.

“And it needs to defend security for all, that’s why I’ve joined the Labour Party.

“Because only Labour are coming up with solutions.

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Mr Wakford added: “The Conservative Party aren’t even talking about the problem, let alone offering solutions.

“And here on the frontbench right now we have someone not only talking but offering a fully costed solution and we’re all looking forward to hearing more from you Rachel.

“Families, businesses and pensions here in Bury and across the country, really need leadership.

“With Keir llama…Kier Starmer, we are getting real proper leadership, integrity and respect.

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Mr Wakford added: “The Labour parties firmly back in the centre of British politics.

“It’s in touch with working people and ready to provide an alternative Government that this country can be proud of and deserves.”

Mr Wakeford’s first appearance since Wednesday during PMQs, when other Tory MPs in Parliament could be heard booing him as they did not support his shock choice to switch to the opposition party.

Mr Wakeford announced the move to Labour in the Bury Times, Mr Wakeford also sent a letter to the Prime Minister ahead of PMQs.

In a statement, Mr Wakeford said: “I care passionately about the people of Bury South and I have concluded that the policies of the Conservative Government that you lead are doing nothing to help the people of my constituency and indeed are only making the struggles they face on a daily basis worse.

“Britain needs a Government focused on tackling the cost of living crisis and providing a path out of the pandemic that protects living standards and defends the security of all.

“It needs a Government that upholds the highest standards of integrity and probity in public life and sadly both you and the Conservative Party as a whole have shown themselves incapable of offering the leadership and Government this country deserves.”

During an interview yesterday with Sky News Sajid Javid, Secretary of Health and Social Care discussed Mr Wakford’s choice to defect to Labour.

As many of his constituents and other British Tory MPs have been calling for a by-election to be held for Busy South due to Mr Wakeford’s political flip.

Mr Javid said: “Yeah I will be very happy, I think Christian would be happy with a by-election.

“I think he supported by-elections in these circumstances in the past.

“And I think given that the people of Bury South rightly voted Conservative in 2019, they wanted to get Brexit done.

“They want to see a strong economy and all of that, and now they’ve got an MP that’s changed his affiliation without their permission.

“Why not give them a say?”


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