'Weak and embarrassed!' Donald Trump blasts top Republican over Joe Biden's 2020 victory


Donald Trump, 75, uploaded a new statement to his website which took aim at the Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, 79, after the GOP politician lashed out at his colleagues for declaring the Capitol riot “legitimate political discourse”. Mr McConnell, who voted to acquit Mr Trump in his second impeachment trial, has previously suggested the ex-President was “practically and morally responsible” for the insurrection.

Mr Trump responded to the Kentucky Senator by blaming Mr McConnell for the action taken since Joe Biden, 79, entered the White House.

The 45th President said: “Mitch McConnell does not speak for the Republican Party, and does not represent the views of the vast majority of its voters.

“He did nothing to fight for his constituents and stop the most fraudulent election in American history.

“And he does nothing to stop the lawless Biden Administration, the invasion of our borders, rising inflation, unconstitutional mandates, the persecution of political opponents, fact-finding on the incompetent Afghanistan withdrawal, the giving away our energy independence, etc., which is all because of the fraudulent election.

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“Instead, he bails out the Radical Left and the RINOs.

“If Mitch would have fought for the election, like the Democrats would have if in the same position, we would not be discussing any of the above today, and our Country would be strong and proud instead of weak and embarrassed.”

The ex-President’s comments were echoed by a GOP spokeswoman.

She told the Washington Post: “Outside of the DC bubble, our grassroots are very supportive of the decision to hold Cheney and Kinzinger accountable.”

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The ex-POTUS lashed out at his former running-mate Mike Pence, 62, earlier this month after he accused the 48th Vice President of failing to overturn the election result.

Fractures from inside the GOP again last week when the Republican National Convention used the words “legitimate political discourse” in a resolution censuring two representatives for their role in the House’s Select Committee which has been tasked with investigating the insurrection.


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