We’ve been conned! Furious Brexiteers slam Johnson’s ‘tethered’ EU withdrawal agreement


Irate Express.co.uk readers slammed the Prime Minister’s 11th-hour agreement a year after it was implemented for “tethering” the UK to Brussels and leaving only in name. User discobbolos attacked the Conservative leader for claiming that his deal was “oven-ready” before the 2019 election.

They wrote: “AND so, we are entering 2022 in many ways still tethered to the EU.

“The Withdrawal Agreement negotiated with the EU by Lord Frost was overall an ultimate victory for pragmatism and common sense insofar as it seemed to enable us to finally depart.

“But have we departed? Can we in all honesty, hand on heart, say we are a fully independent, free sovereign nation?

“Many will maintain we are no more free of EU clutches than we are of Covid-19.”

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Referring to issues surrounding the supremacy of the European Court of Justice in Northern Ireland, he said that “perhaps the most egregious consequence of the WA (withdrawal agreement) is the extent to which EU law still applies within our domestic legal system”.

He added: “Since when does a fully-fledged sovereign state allow itself to be effectively held hostage to the rulings of a third-party judicial system?

“Well, it would seem the UK has potentially enabled that.

“This is totally unacceptable and surely needs a remedy pronto.”

There has been much anger over the Northern Ireland Protocol – which has effectively kept the province in the single market, creating a border in the Irish Sea.

Anger, especially amongst the province’s unionist community over the current situation, has led to several nights of rioting in recent months.

Both Mr Johnson and his former Brexit Secretary Lord Frost threatened to trigger Article 16 – which would unilaterally suspend parts of the agreement – if the issues were not resolved.

This threat put them at loggerheads with Brussels and has led to an increasingly bitter war of words between the two sides.

The situation remains yet to be resolved and could derail future agreements with the bloc.


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