What your dog's star sign says about them


Just like humans, dogs also have their own star signs, and their traits and personalities may very well be affected by them.

Perhaps your pup’s energy and sass is due to their Aries astrological sign, or their sweet and sensitive nature is because they were born a Gemini.

Our sister site TeamDogs has partnered with Canine Cottages, and top astrologer Emily Thornton at Solar Sister Tarot to delve into all things dog astrology – and teach you a thing or two about the stars.

Discover your dog’s star sign and what it means on TeamDogs Astrology Chart.

Over the following two weeks, TeamDogs will be disclosing everything you need to know about your dog’s personality, intelligence and even their compatibility with you.

You’ll find out if your dog is a classic Capricorn, a stereotypical Sagittarius or a typical Taurus. And you’ll understand why your Gemini pup is likely to become best friends with a Libra human.

The TeamDogs Astrology Chart uncovers the 12 zodiac signs to reveal how your dog’s quirky personality is most likely down to the stars.

If your dog adores being the centre of attention in the park, it’s likely they’re a Leo. If they love cuddling up with you on the sofa, they could well be a Pisces.

There’s lots to see and do, so head over to TeamDogs and delve into the doggy stars – starting with Capricorn.

Find out your dog’s star sign and what it means on TeamDogs Astrology Chart.


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