Why Kate favours two bold colours for her outfits


With more than a decade’s experience in the royal spotlight, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge has the art of royal dressing down to a T. And while Kate is known for switching up her style to suit any occasion, there are two bold colours she returns to time and again when choosing her outfits.

Since marrying Prince William in 2011 and becoming a working royal, Kate has nailed down her own distinctive royal style.

From casual dressing to red carpet ball gowns, Kate’s style is classic, flexible and quintessentially her own.

As Kate’s confidence has grown under the royal spotlight over the years, it appears her fashion choices have also become bolder.

Speaking on behalf of Be My Bet, behavioural expert Darren Stanton said: “Kate has become more and more sophisticated in her fashion choices and while she has never sought the limelight, she has learnt how to deal with being in the public eye and accepts it’s part and parcel of her marriage.

“Like Princess Diana, Kate has undeniably become a global fashion icon, especially when pictured conducting official royal duties.

“She often wears famous designers and interacts and mixes with the world’s biggest stars and celebrities, with her dress choices becoming increasingly bolder and more striking.”

Kate has grown in confidence in recent years, and she has been known to favour two striking colours for her outfits.

Mr Stanton explained: “Bold colours, sequins and slightly more revealing designs are a very good indicator that Kate now feels like she has found a true inner confidence in her role within the Royal Family and within her relationship with William, with the pair often portraying a power couple when on the red carpet together.

“Although Kate has always dressed quite regally, one colour that has featured heavily in her fashion choices is the colour red.

“In many photographs, Kate is pictured wearing a vibrant shade of red, with such a colour suggesting she is very confident in herself and self-assured.

“It is also a colour of passion and Kate seems to display a sense of mischief whenever she is wearing it.”

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The public’s fascination with Kate’s wardrobe has been constant, drawing comparisons to the reverence other royal women like Princess Diana commended with their style.

Testament to this obsession with Kate’s style is the frequent sellout of items worn by her publicly, a phenomenon dubbed the ‘Kate effect’ by the media and commentators.

Kate’s first official foray in the royal spotlight, the announcement of her engagement to Prince William in 2010, saw the Issa London navy dress she wore sell out in a flash, setting a precedent for the sellout of many of the Duchess’ future outfits.

Kate has famously worn some stunning designer pieces over the years from labels like Alexander McQueen and Jenny Packham.

But Kate also showcases the best of the British high street with her outfit choices, often opting for pieces from brands like Reiss, LK Bennett and Zara, prompting many to try and emulate the Duchess’ iconic look for themselves.


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