Window cleaning hacks: ‘Simple’ changes that can ‘go a long way’ to prevent condensation


He said: “Occupants must also better understand that their behaviour may be affecting the formation of condensation and damp. 

“Simple lifestyle changes such as drying clothes outside or leaving the window ajar could go a long way in helping to reduce issues and prevent mould growth.”

One Reddit user, Ukes91, suggested a simple “three-minute” method that can prevent window condensation.

Posting in a Reddit forum dedicated to condensation-busting hacks, the user said: “In Germany, we have a technique called ‘Stosslüften’.

“What that basically means is that instead of having maybe one window open all day (which is a huge waste of energy), open several windows all over the house for three minutes, creating a strong draft to exchange most of the warm humid air inside the house with cold air from outside.


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