Wokeness gone mad! Welsh gov bans the words Brexit and ‘Her Majesty’ -‘bonkers’ new rules


A list of “do not use” politically-correct words and phrases feature an official A-to-Z guide compiled by the Labour-run Welsh Government for staff. The list, which has been funded by the taxpayer, also bans the use of the term “HM Government” and BAME.

The rules show that staff are advised to say “non-disabled” rather than “able-bodied”.

Also, civil servants are told not to refer to Her Majesty’s government, with the guide’s advice reading: “UK government. Never HM government.”

While also being advised to avoid the term “BAME” and instead use “Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic.”

In addition, the guide warns staff to avoid using metaphors, with the advice reading: “They do not say what you actually mean and lead to slower comprehension of your content.”

Brexit also features on the list, as staff are told: “Brexit has happened.

“Use transition period to refer to the time between 1 February and 31 December 2020.”

The list of banned words which feature in the style guide, which was updated on December 20, has left staff puzzled.

Many have expressed their bewilderment over the list, as staff in Wales face harsher rules than civil servants over the border in England.

While another labelled the list drawn up for over 30,000 civil servants by the Welsh Government as a “bonkers misuse of public money”.

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The Times also reported that Andrew RT Davies, the Welsh Conservative Senedd leader, said the Welsh government had “well and truly lost the plot”.

He also referred to the list as “nonsense”, claiming that the Government should be redirecting their efforts onto “more important things”.

Andrew RT Davies said: “Only last week we had ministers cancelling ‘women’ from sex education in Wales, and now they’re consigning Brexit and Her Majesty to the political correctness bin.

“It’s a bonkers misuse of public money and a complete and utter waste of time.

“Civil servants who are just looking to get on with their day job shouldn’t be subjected to such nonsense.”

He added: “And to be frank, the Labour Welsh government has much more important things it should be tackling, such as the chronic problems in our NHS, and our crumbling road infrastructure, which continues to serve as a national embarrassment.

“Wasting energy on problems that don’t even exist sadly epitomises the current socialist regime we have in Cardiff Bay, who seem intent on imposing a woke ideology right across Welsh public life.”

The guide was drawn up by the Cardiff-based Welsh Government for the 32,440 civil servants in Wales.

The Welsh Government has been approached by Express.co.uk for comment. 


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