Woman ditches date after seeing odd photo he carried in his wallet – it was 'too weird'


In the end, the woman just wanted to “make a quick exit”. She continued: “Finally, to complete the humiliation, on the pavement outside, I knew he was going to go in for a kiss so I took a step back and he caught my arm and tried to pull me closer to him! I just said a firm ‘bye’ and blundered off feeling a bit shocked.”

Another forum user went on to share her most “awful” date with a man who took her to an Italian restaurant.

She explained: “All fine for the first 10 minutes or so and then he proceeded to plan my whole life out in front of my eyes.

“He said he owned a few houses and that I would be able to move into one of them with him in a couple of weeks when it was finished. How soon could we get engaged without it looking funny?

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