‘Works wonders’: Mrs Hinch fan shares ‘easiest trick’ to remove grease from oven racks


Mrs Hinch, real name Sophie Hinchliffe, rose to fame after she started to share unusual cleaning tips online. Now with more than four million followers, the social media sensation continues to share cleaning tips as well as organisational and home hacks. Her fans regularly take to dedicated cleaning Facebook pages where they share their own finds, including how to clean oven racks.

“Run water to cover them. You might need to use a scourer after to brush off any leftover burnt bits.”

Lauren Woods added: “I agree, easiest trick ever.”

The chemical reaction between the foil and dishwasher tablets causes food and grime to break down, leaving the oven racks clean and shiny.

Lyn Mitchell commented: “I don’t have a bath but still am able to use this trick in the sink, the racks just need turning every so often, it works wonders.”

They can be picked up from supermarkets at around £1.50 for a pack of 10.

Maggie Davies wrote: “After you have got them to shine, pop them in the dishwasher each week, they stay nice and shiny then.”

Matthew Harrison at Price Your Job recently shared top tips on removing grease from the oven, including turkey juices.

He recommended degreasing with bicarbonate of soda or a dishwasher tablet as well as lemons and vinegar.

The expert said: “Do you know that your dishwasher can be used to remove turkey grease from the oven too?

“Simply pop one or two dishwasher tablets into warm water, long enough for it to soak up water, but not long enough for the tablet to dissolve or crumble.

“Wearing rubber gloves, hold the tablet and use it to scrub off the excess grease in your oven.

“I recommend using the flat bottom of the tablet in circular motions for the best scrubbing action and results.

“If the tablet gets too dirty or begins to dry out, dip it again in warm water and repeat. The best part is that the dishwasher tablet is also safe to use on the oven glass door and bare metal surfaces.

“When you’re finished, wipe any any residue with a damp cloth.”

Bicarbonate of soda can be used by mixing it with water to create a past.

Using a paintbrush, the mix can be painted onto the oven before scrubbing off with a damp cloth.


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