'Worse than a dog!' Heartbreaking footage shows blind man abused by vile Tube commuter


Dr Amit Patel was harassed by a vile man as he stood with his guide dog, Kika, on an escalator travelling down to a London Underground platform to catch a train. Standing on the right as his dog stood on the left, the commuter launched a horrific tirade saying he should pull his dog out of the way so he can get past.

In the hard-to-watch footage, the man, whose face has been blurred slams: “You’re worse than a dog, if you can’t understand a human being.

“I want to catch the train!”

Shocked Dr Patel hits back as he insists he cannot do anything because Kika, a golden Labrador, is a guide dog and is not trained to be moved in such a way.

He says: “Yes, but I can’t move. She’s a guide dog…

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“I can’t physically move – she’s not going to move!”

He pleads with the horrible commuter that “there’s no point arguing” as the unbelievable exchange takes place.

The commuter gives up and stands in silence behind Kika until they get to the bottom of the escalator.

But at the bottom of the escalator, the commuter appears to barge past Dr Patel who tries to gather himself after the incident.

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“Please, be kind.”

His video has now been viewed over one million times on Twitter, with thousands offering their support following the incident.

Sadly the incident is not the first time the poor man has endured nasty commuters on the London Underground.

Back in 2018, Dr Patel was confronted by a man on the Northern Line who demanded he let go of the escalator handrail so he could pass.


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