'Worst insulated in Europe!' UK homes ‘lagging behind’ EU as Brits face surging bills


British households lose more heat than homes inside the European Union, research by Tado has revealed. The 2020 study found UK homes lose heat significantly faster than its EU neighbours even when factoring in outside temperatures.

The research, which was conducted between December 2019 and January 2020 in 80,000 homes, found the average UK home with an indoor temperature of 20C and an outside temperature of 0C loses 3C after five hours.

A post shared to the Peston programme’s Twitter account added: “Currently, the UK’s homes are some of the worst insulated in Europe

“On average, UK homes lose 3°C of heat every 5 hours, whilst German homes lose just 1°C.”

Speaking about the research on the ITV political programme, the ex-Guardian journalist Anushka Asthana said: “It [the map] tracks how much heat homes lose over five hours and it shows how bad we are.

“Our homes lose 3C while German homes lose only 1C, which explains why when Angela Merkel was asked what makes her think most of Germany she said airtight windows.”

The map suggests Belgium comes in a close second-place with 2.9C lost in five hours.

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France and Spain also appear to fare poorly, losing 2.5C and 2.2C respectively.

Scandinavian countries perform particularly well, with Norway losing just 0.9C and Sweden and Denmark dropping by just 1.2C.

Speaking about the research at the time, Tado co-founder Christian Deilmann said: “The UK is a leader in smart technology adoption but is lagging behind Europe when it comes to energy-efficient homes.”

Tado’s research was shown on Peston during a discussion about how the UK could deal with Vladimir Putin’s price hike.

The segment also included research from the non-profit Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit.

Peston’s official Twitter shared the analysis, writing: “Plans to drill six new oil & gas fields in the North Sea will not produce enough gas to replace our Russian imports, according to analysis shared exclusively with #Peston by @ECIU_UK.

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“@ECIU_UK found that focusing on reducing UK annual gas demand would be more effective.

“Improving home insulation (upgrading ~1m poorly insulated homes) & ramping up heat pump installations (600,000 per year by 2028) would replace Russia gas imports within 15 years.”

Ms Asthana added: “To be fair we do get over half way there by about 2030 but it would take a long time to get anything at all and because the amounts are finite it would eventually slip back as well.

“Another option is to reduce demand. First of all – insulation.

“Upgrading one million poorly insulated homes a year or ramping up heat pump installations to reach 600 thousand per year by 2028.

“Separately, they would both get rid of our reliance on Russian gas imports, but together they do it before the end of this decade.”

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The research comes as Brits brace for a pocket pinching month in April when gas bills the typical UK household is expected to see a £693-a-year increase.

There are now growing concerns the Russian invasion of Ukraine could see bills rise even further.

Rural homes could see an even starker hike due to their dependency on heating oil.

Heating oil increased from 66.74p per litre a fortnight ago to hit 128.65p per litre on Tuesday.

The increase means the average household using around 1,750 litres of heating oil per year will see their bills soar from £1,168 to £2,251.


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