Wrong again! Anti-vaxxers rumbled as false claims over BBC interview unravel


A video has resurfaced online of the BBC speaking to Covid patient, Harry Dyne over the summer. In a post on Twitter, one video shows a man questioning Mr Dyne’s story and instead, claimed he was a “crisis actor” – something which has proven to be false. While watching the BBC interview with Mr Dyne, 29, one man can be seen searching the patient’s name on Google.

He then proceeds to Mr Dyne’s Instagram page where it states his profession.

The man then says: “It’s almost like he’s been paid to pretend like he’s got Covid and he’s on the telly.”

However, Reuters investigated the claims and was provided with Mr Dyne’s positive Covid test result.

The BBC also said they had been introduced to Mr Dyne through Kings College Hospital’s clinical team and confirmed he was a genuine patient at the hospital.

Mr Dyne later revealed he is a director in IT sales and said he was “an award-winning crisis actor” as a joke following the false claims made about him during the summer.

He said in response: “None of it’s true. They’re jumping to the strangest conclusions.”

Mr Dyne became ill with Covid in July 2021.

He said he was taken to hospital after suffering from breathing problems, hallucinations and a high fever.

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Commenting on the video of Mr Dyne in hospital, one user named Pauline Hall said: “Crisis actor Harry Dyne in TV.

“Wonder how much he got paid?”

Another account, named Lady Rebecca said: “A fake actor: On BBC pretending to be in ICU, saying he’s unvaccinated.

“It’s time to realise anything you hear from the broadcasting company is probably fiction.

“Their radio news have ICU doctors & nurses with similar doom & gloom scripts = probably fake.”

Another account, by the name of Ninnyd101 said: “BBC at it again with actors.

“A must watch: Henry dyne award-winning crisis actor plays like his sick in a hospital bed with covid, live on BBC news, all to lead the sheep to the slaughter.”


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