'You mess everything up!' Sadiq Khan confronted by London business owner – VIDEO


Sadiq Khan was confronted by a furious Londoner in Leyton, north-east London over the barricades put in place to form Low Traffic Neighbourhoods. The LTNs have been made to make it easier for Londoners to walk and cycle without stopping vehicles. They are currently being introduced through temporary measures.

In a video on LBC, the business owner shouted back to Mr Khan: “What do you mean, a Happy New Year?

“You mess everything up!”

He added: “We are stuck here because if you are to go one way you have to go around and come back up.”

Aides of the London mayor can be heard saying his concerns will be “followed up.”

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It comes just days after Mr Khan warned London faces a crisis of “filthy air and gridlocked roads” unless car use is reduced.

He bemoaned the economic and health costs of congestion as he called for a focus on “greener means of travel”.

Mr Khan cited recent figures published by the traffic information supplier Inrix, which stated that last year congestion cost London’s economy £5.1 billion, and an average of £1,211 per driver.

The study found that London became the world’s most congested city last year.

“If we do not double down on our efforts to deliver a greener, more sustainable future, we will replace one public health crisis with another – caused by filthy air and gridlocked roads.

“The cost to both Londoners and the capital (should not) be underestimated, with days wasted stuck in traffic, billions lost to the economy, and increased road danger and health impacts.

“Most traffic is caused simply by there being too great a demand for limited street space, meaning the only long-term solution can be to significantly reduce car use in favour of greener means of travel.”


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