'You must have felt ashamed!’ Boris squirms when faced with lonely Queen funeral image


Boris Johnson was interviewed by BBC journalist Sophie Raworth about the situation in Ukraine but was also grilled over the Metropolitan Police investigation into No10 lockdown breaches and his role in them. Ms Raworth repeatedly asked the Prime Minister his thoughts on the investigation with Mr Johnson repeatedly batting away the line of questioning as he grew increasingly uncomfortable. Mr Johnson was then confronted with the image of the Queen at Prince Philip’s funeral where she sat alone with Ms Raworth telling him he must feel “ashamed” in a brutal dressing down.

Speaking on the BBC’s Sunday Morning, Mr Johnson delivered an update on Ukraine as he returns from his Europe tour.

But Ms Raworth capitalised on the opportunity to grill the Prime Minister over No10’s lockdown breaches and the investigation launched against him.

Mr Johnson said there was “nothing he could say about it” and that he was more interested in “opening up the economy”.

Ms Raworth asked: “We have not had much opportunity to ask you about [this].

“You are not going to prejudice the outcome of any police investigation, it is all done.

“Theresa May said either you didn’t understand the rules that you wrote or you just think they didn’t apply to you, which is it?”

Mr Johnson refused to give a straight answer and said he wanted to avoid a “tragedy” happening in Ukraine.

Ms Raworth then remembered the Prime Minister apologised to the Queen after Downing Street parties were held on the eve of Prince Philip’s funeral. 

The monarch was pictured sitting alone at St George’s Chapel in Windsor on April 17 and 30 royals were able to attend Prince Philip’s funeral in-person due to restrictions at the time.

Mr Johnson apologised to the Queen after it was revealed Downing Street parties were held during a period of public mourning.

He said: “I deeply and bitterly regret that that happened.

“I can only renew my apologies both to Her Majesty and to the country for misjudgments that were made, and for which I take full responsibility.”

Mr Johnson will return to Parliament this week following recess to lay out the UK’s future as coronavirus restrictions are fully lifted.


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