'YOU should apologise!' Keir squirms as caller slams Labour leader for beer photo


Sir Keir Starmer was left red-faced when a caller accused him of making the same mistakes as Prime Minister Boris Johnson by flouting COVID-19 rules. The Labour leader was branded a “hypocrite” and Mr Johnson in disguise after a photo appeared of him holding a beer in his hand and chatting to staff in Durham during lockdown. But while Mr Johnson apologised to the country last week, Sir Keir refused to do so because he “did nothing wrong”.

He said: “Nick, we didn’t break any rules.

“We were working in the office and we stopped for a [pint]”, which is exactly what Mr Johnson did.

Sir Keir has often gloated about the latter’s fiascos, called the Prime Minister out whenever a new scandal came to light and pleaded with him to do “the decent thing and resign”.

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He told Mr Ferrari that the Tories are just looking at excuses “to take everybody into the gutter with them” as he protested his innocence.

But caller Jonathan raged against the Labour leader as the speech descended into a rant

He said: “It’s like listening to Boris Johnson without the harrumphing.

“You have completely and utterly misled the country, just in your last statement.

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He said: “Well Jonathan I just disagree with you!

“There’s been an industrial scale of partying going on.

“The Prime Minister changed his defence three times.

“I think we will wait and see what Sue Gray has to say but I suspect there’s even more to come out.”


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