'Your body, YOUR choice!' Fuming caller rips into Emily Thornberry over vaccine comments


An angry caller erupted over Emily Thornberry’s claims that she wouldn’t date unvaccinated people who the Attorney General Shadow branded as “selfish”.

The MP for Islington South and Finsbury said she was of the opinion that “we owe it to others to be vaccinated, not just to ourselves”.

A guest yesterday on Kevin O’Sullivan’s TalkRADIO programme, Rachael from Slough urged people in the limelight like Mrs Thornberry herself to stop portraying unjabbed people in that negative way.

Mrs Thornberry faced a backlash from a number of unjabbed social media users and Rachael said that it’s a personal decision what anyone does with his or her body.

She said: “I just can’t believe people’s attitudes.

“I am so incensed by Emily Thornberry’s comments because I am just getting to the point now where I just can’t believe people’s attitudes.

“Who does she think she is calling selfish for one?


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“I can turn that back on her, I am sorry, you are the selfish one because you don’t know why I haven’t taken the vaccine.

“I know why I haven’t taken the vaccine.

“I have actually been waiting for two years to see my consultant.

“I still have only had two phone call consultations and a couple of extraits to see whether it’s safe for me to take the vaccine.”


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Mr O’Sullivan told her that she does not even need to justify her decision, stating that the Labour party wants people to “subjugate” and sacrifice their own “desires” in the interest of society.

He said: “I think this Rachael. I don’t care what your reason is for not having the vaccine because it’s none of my business.

“It’s your choice and I reject the notion that that anybody who has made a body autonomy decision not to have the vaccine is somehow selfish! 

“I don’t accept htat.

“But it’s also parties like the Labour party, left-wing parties always think that you should subjugate your own desires for the needs of the state, you must do what the state tells you and that’s another notion I reject!”

Mrs Thornberry is a married mother of three.


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