‘Your plants may continue to grow’: Gardening expert’s guide to winterising houseplants


Silver Spence, CEO of independent houseplant site Friends or Friends, has shared her guide to winterising houseplants with Express.co.uk ready for the darker, colder months ahead. As the winter months draw in, plants need water and temperature adjustments. Chills, dry air and lack of sunlight can all have a huge impact on houseplants at this time of year.


Humidity is especially important for some houseplants like ferns, monsteras and spider plants.

Having heating on in the winter means the air is often dry and draughty – not ideal conditions for a houseplant.

Houseplant owners will need to create a microclimate by steadily raising the humidity for plants.

Silver explained: “You can do so by grouping your plants together, placing them on a pebble tray, or purchasing a humidifier that suits your space.

“The most important thing is that they are constantly humid and not just in stints.

“If you can’t humidify for fear of damage to your home, a bell jar or mini greenhouse/cabinet is ideal.”


Silver said heating is bad for plants but it can also be helpful.

Cold homes or particularly cool rooms aren’t ideal for plants so houseplants owners may need to consider a heating pad.

These can be purchased at reptile shops or online as seed germinating gear.

Silver added: “Heat pads and lamps will provide the steady heat tropical plants need to survive.

“If your heat, humidity and light are all aligned your plants may continue to grow during the winter.”

Let’s remember…

Silver said there are two key things houseplant owners need to remember when winterising houseplants.

She said: “Plants are living beings. Some plants need periods of dormancy and swings in their seasons.

“In the wild, plants will have wet and dry seasons – they’ll have winter which is darker and night time which is colder and pitch black.”

Silver’s top tips:

– Never leave grow lights on 24/7.

– Provide the appropriate amount of water. Lower temperatures and light = less need for water.

– Remember to ventilate space as this will be crucial for root health.

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