Your Sky TV bill is about to rocket in price and that's not the only bad news


Sky announced last week that its customers are about to be whacked by a huge hike to their bills. The firm has revealed that the average user will see things go up by around £3.60 per month – that’s over £40 per year.

As an example of how the hikes will affect monthly outgoings, the cost of Sky’s Signature TV bundle will increase from £26 to £27, Sky Cinema jumps by a £1 to £12, while those who have added BT Sport to their telly bundle will see prices rise from by £1 as well to £28 a month. If you want to watch in High Definition, you’ll also face an extra £1 a month charge.

These increases certainly won’t be welcomed by TV users but there’s even more bad news for anyone who also has Sky Broadband being beamed into their homes or a smartphone that’s connected via Sky Mobile.

Sky has confirmed that broadband plans will be increasing by £2.50 a month – that’s £30 a year.

That means the Broadband Essential plan is rising from £25 to £27.50 a month, meanwhile Broadband Superfast will increase from £28 to £30.50 a month. Ouch!

Along with that hike, anyone travelling abroad with a Sky Mobile plan will soon face a £2 charge per day with Sky confirming that it will no longer offer free roaming when in the EU. This follows a similar move from firm’s such as EE, Vodafone and Three who have all scrapped free access to calls, data and texts this year.

Sky’s £2 per day charge could see some families facing a £112 bill if they head away for the usual two-week break this summer.

The TV and broadband hikes will come into force from April 1 with those using Sky Mobile facing the new roaming fees from May 3.

Speaking about the price rises, a spokesperson for Sky said: “We know price increases are never welcome so we aim to keep prices as low as possible while still delivering the content customers love, the flexibility to choose the right package, and our leading customer service.”

If you are out of contract now is a good time to call Sky and try to renegotiate your deal as there could be savings to be made.

It’s also worth shopping around as some rival providers have actually dropped broadband prices in recent months with firm’s including Vodafone now offering internet access for under £20 per month.


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